How To Use Australian Indigenous Art In A Workplace Culture?

There are various forms of the Australian indigenous art. An ancient art form which has been in practice for ages, the indigenous art form is versatile and there are different formats and techniques in which these arts are being made. The rugged charm of the indigenous art form makes it suitable for different environments. One of the best way in which you can use the indigenous art forms is in your workplace. Here we are going to provide some tips which would help you find art items which are suitable for your office environment.

Abstract art

The color palette of the indigenous arts is very subdued and sober. The various tones of ochre make the paintings very soothing to look at and the blending effect from one shade to another is a very sober option for your office environment indeed. If you are into tasteful and sober art then these is the best art form which you can opt for your office.

Dot painting

The dot paintings can cast an illusion and yet very enchanting. There are different types of dot painting forms and they are very symbolic as well. If you are planning to use such paintings for your office, then the aerial images depicted through dot painting are very sober and suitable for the office environment. There are different types of paintings which can be done this way given that dot painting is very versatile as well.


Abstract and very symbolic designs are the prime type of sculpture which the indigenous art form majorly has. These sculptures would surely look good in your office environment due to their minimalist in mature. An average sized sculpture is a perfect option to adorn your conference room or add to the perfection of your own office cubicle. If you are interested to have any of these Aboriginal art forms, then contact Anthony Berthaud – Aboriginal Art and adorn your workplace with these amazing work of art.